Soul great Ike Turner is on the hunt for thieves who stole the guitar JIMI HENDRIX used to play when he was a backing musician in his band.

The former husband of Tina Turner, 73, set the guitar down during a soundcheck at a Los Angeles club last month (JUL04) and dashed to the toilet, but when he returned the axe was gone.

Turner claims he has had the guitar in his possession for the past 50 years and was hoping to auction it off later this year (04) after learning the instrument could fetch $1 million (GBP555,500).

He now plans to sue concert promoter CHARLES DUDLEY for failing to provide adequate security during the rehearsal.

Turner fumes, "Had he not told me he would be responsible for everything, there's no way I would have left it (the guitar) there."

Dudley insists he is "actively searching" for the Hendrix guitar and another that was also stolen from the soundcheck.

08/09/2004 21:14