American rocker Iggy Pop's driving career has been cursed by a series of accidents and arrests. The former STOOGES frontman admits Rolls Royce used to be among his favourite vehicles, but he gave up on the cars after his last one caught fire while he was listening to THE Beatles. The punk legend, 59, says, "I was listening to RUBBER SOUL. So I didn't notice something I shoulda. When I got to the beach a little black smoke came out and I thought 'Whoa!' "And then the fire department came and they had to hack their way through the hood. And I was like, 'OK, that's enough with the Rolls. F**k it, I'm getting some American cars!" Before getting his current vehicle, a US Oldsmobile, Iggy tried a Ferrari with disastrous results. He explains, "I drove the sh*t outta that car. One day I was driving it listening to voodoo music. And I got a little too caught up and I was doing triple the speed limit. "I ran a red light because I thought it was green. A cop pulled me over which is kinda uncool. So I got rid of it. I had about four years with that car and it was great."