Punk icon Iggy Pop checked himself into a mental hospital in his mid-20s in a bid to kick his drug habit, which was spiralling out of control.

The LUST FOR LIFE singer, who is now fast approaching his 60th birthday, admits he met the most interesting people while he was locked away for a month.

He recalls, "It was on the condition between myself and the treating physician that I wasn't crazy.

"My point to him was that I needed to be somewhere where I couldn't get anything, and people didn't know me.

"Half the people were American housewives who were emotionally abused or ignored for too long. They just had little breakdowns... Then you have guys... who thought his dad was in the FBI and the CIA and was after him.

"We also had a guy who took LSD and thought he could fly. He had broken limbs and stuff. It was kinda cool... It wasn't a big deal."