Rock veteran Iggy Pop has been keeping venue bosses entertained on tour by handing out a hilarious new backstage rider, which lists demands including "seven dwarves" and "a belly dancer".

The star drew laughs with a previous tour rider, published online in 2006, which made fun of his backstage requirements and asked for a Bob Hope impersonator to be present at every show.

An updated 2012 rider for Iggy Pop and The Stooges has now leaked online, and is packed full of gags for venue staff.

Among the demands listed in the document, obtained by, is a request for "seven dwarves... dressed up as those dwarves out of that marvellous Walt Disney film... Taller people are acceptable, of course. It's attitude, more than altitude that's important here."

The rider, written by stage manager Jos Grain, also requests a belly dancer if a Bob Hope impressionist is unavailable, while "two dedicated and intensely loyal security men, preferably built like brick s**t-houses" are needed to guard the singer's dressing room.

In the catering requests, the rider asks for "sliced ham carved directly off a pig's bottom" and a bottle of "extremely hot pepper sauce so no one actually has to taste the sliced ham".