The punk icon, who turns 69 later this month (Apr16), is currently touring to promote his acclaimed new album Post Pop Depression, and admits his astigmatism has forced him to slow down onstage.

"I do less and less," he tells Rolling Stone magazine. "The main thing I'm concerned with is the vocal."

Iggy, who once used to spin around onstage, cut himself and dive into the audience, has taken to sitting on a stool to perform songs, and he confesses he has to wear reading glasses backstage.

"I'm a guy who doesn't see well, but thinks he sees well," he adds. "I need a strong prescription. If I put 'em (glasses) on too close to a gig, I'm like (stumbling around)."

His sight issues and other health woes have prompted Iggy to think hard about retiring from the road and he recalls telling collaborator Josh Homme, "Dude, I reckon this will be it", as they embarked on what could be Iggy's final tour, which runs until May (16).