Veteran rocker Iggy Pop has blasted critics who dislike his unconventional approach to music - and credits his artistic success to the hellraising early days of his career. The 59-year-old - who has since given up his wild partying ways in favour of a clean and sober lifestyle - insists his fans were only able to relate to him because his music was so far removed from the 'unrealistic' releases of the pop charts. He says, "This is the key thing that's always been misunderstood about me. All this f**king crap they say I did - close-up on the blood, close up on the d**k, close-up on the profanity - I only did it because I believed I was in the right and that I was playing the actual music that real people who had any real life in 'em wanted to hear. "The only reason my music was disseminated was because it contradicted the motherf**king commercial pyramid."