Punk icon Iggy Pop has made an impassioned plea to the governor of his native Michigan, urging the politician to stop wolf hunting in the state and prevent the "senseless killing" of the animals.

The Lust for Life hitmaker has thrown his support behind The Human Society of the United States' Keep Michigan Wolves Protected Campaign, after authorities permitted the beasts to be killed as part of the new hunting season, which kicked off on Friday (15Nov13).

The decision has split local residents and the rocker has now written an open letter to Governor Rick Snyder, calling on him to take action.

In the letter, the musician writes, "As a Michigan native and someone who has cared about animals, both wild and domestic, for as long as I can remember, I was dismayed... that a bill you signed last May... gave Michigan's Natural Resources Commission the authority to decide which animals can be hunted... which resulted in the first authorized wolf hunt since wolves underwent state protection in 1965."

Iggy Pop is also campaigning to have the issue placed on the ballot in state elections next year (14), so the people of Michigan can vote for or against wolf hunting.

He goes on to urge Snyder to "do the right thing by staying the hunt and allowing the people's voice to be heard", adding, "The senseless killing of these majestic animals for sport is a disappointment to the people of Michigan and a stain on its government."

His impassioned plea comes months after Queen rockers staged an unsuccessful campaign to halt a badger cull in Britain.