Iggy Pop hates rock stars who "think they've got brains".

The legendary singer - dubbed 'The Godfather of punk' for the sound he created with garage band The Stooges - has blasted pretentious musicians for airing their "dull" opinions.

He said: "These fellas asked me to do a video announcement for my new album.

"I took great pains not to think first because the thing I can't stand is a Rock Star who thinks he's got brains. They're always so damned dull.

"Anyone from Smashing Pumpkins to - what's the one with Fred Durst? Limp Bizkit. And there are a million billion of them, and people think they are gods."

Iggy - real name James Osterberg - also revealed he doesn't like sleeping in his own house in Miami, US, which he describes as "a dump".

He added: "I keep this little cabin by the river for Iggy business. It's a dump, looks like a Mississippi shack. It can be dangerous so I try not to spend the night too often but I love it."

Iggy's latest album, the jazz and French literature influenced 'Preliminaires', is available now.