The Fancy star attended an appointment on Tuesday (19Jan16) to undergo multiple root canal operations and she sat in the chair for eight hours while her teeth were fixed.

She was given an injection to numb the pain of the procedure, and later discovered she had peed herself while she was sedated.

"I was there for 8 hours getting all these cavities etc fixed. But thats (sic) not my story for the day," she wrote on "The real story is I peed my pants... it's mildly amusing or I wouldnt mention it (sic), but I feel we need to talk about it. LOL (laugh out loud)...

"Im (sic) not sure if this all happened in the dentist chair while I was asleep for so long. Or while I was driven home by (a friend)... All I know is, somehow (my friend) changed my (me) into normal clothing and I really owe her something cool/awesome/fun for having to deal with this... Am I the only 1 whos (one who has) done this to themselves while sedated at a dentist (sic)? I guess I better showing up (sic) in a diaper if ever have 2 (to) go back."

The Australian rapper is gearing up to release her second studio album Digital Distortion this year (16) and is planning to unveil her first single from the record in February (16).

She told fans about complications with the release on Twitter back in December (15), writing, "I dont (sic) really know what I'm doing with my music release; but I'm finished (except for getting the features recorded) (sic)... Right now I live in America and am very close to the Def Jam team; but I'm actually signed out of the UK. Things are complicated... I'm ready with my music but I am also trying to restructure some things to work smoother and better for me."