Iggy Azalea has decided she would rather have lots of money than have children.

The 'Black Widow' hitmaker admits she always starts getting broody when she's around other people's babies but after more than a couple of hours her maternal feelings dissipate, with diaper duty playing a major part in her lack of motherly commitment.

She posted on Twitter: ''I always want a baby until I'm with one for more than 2 hours and then ... I want money instead. I dunno. It doesn't s**t it's pants. (sic)''

Iggy also spilled that she has a close female friend who is so obsessed with becoming a parent that she buys baby clothes even though she hasn't got a child.

She tweeted: ''I have a friend (I'll save the embarrassment and not name names) who has no kids but buys baby clothing and shoes when we go shopping. She's done this for years now ... Once we were in ''bape kids'' & the store clerk was like ''what size is the baby?'' And she was nottttt having it. ''It's small!'' ''Oh okay how many months old'' Hahahahaha bitch she was not here for the questions about her ghost kid. ''Do you think my boyfriend would think this is creepy?'' Girl. YES. (sic)''

Iggy, 27, then shared screen shots of messages she'd received from her mystery pal jokingly berating her for sharing her odd baby obsession.

The texts read ''OMG you bitch'' and ''I could kill you but I won't because I love you''.

Iggy saw the funny side replying ''hahahahaha hashtag''.

The rapper previously admitted she didn't consider herself to be a good role model for children because of the explicit lyrics in her songs and her no holds barred opinions.

Iggy - who was previously engaged to Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Nick Young - said: ''As a role model, I don't think I'm a great one. I consider what I do now knowing there are younger people watching me and there are things I wouldn't do on stage any more, but I don't sit in the studios wondering what somebody's mom would say about my lyrics.''

''I can't imagine someone talking to me and I just say, 'No comment.' I just think that makes for such a boring person and I'm not a boring person. I would never aspire to being a boring person or regret being a ridiculous one.''