While designer Rachel Roy and Rita Ora are defending themselves from online attacks from Beyonce fans, who linked the two women to the lyrics from new song Sorry, suggesting they were the 'Becky' who may have led the singer's husband Jay Z astray, Iggy went on the attack.

The Australian rapper took to Twitter and accused Beyonce of using hip-hop slang white women might find offensive, noting the name Becky is a "racist" term often used to describe a generic white girl.

Iggy wrote: "dont ever call me a becky (sic)." Ironically, she used the name in her 2012 tune I Think She Ready.

She added: "you would not be down if i started calling all black men 'deshawns'... do you know how many time ppl (people) have called me BECKY? it didnt have any kind of positive intention behind it (sic)."

Iggy retweeted some of the responses to her thinly-veiled attack on Beyonce, and added, "generalizing ANY race by calling them one sterotypical (sic) name for said race. i personally dont think is very cool, the end... I dont care. Dont call all asian women 'ming lee' dont call white women 'becky' dont call black women 'sha nay nay' (sic)."

But Iggy concluded her series of tweets by insisting she was a big fan of Beyonce's new album, Lemonade, which was released on Saturday (23Apr16).

"this is not bey shade," she added. "i love her and the album. but my name is iggy, and you will all call me that."