The 25-year-old star is engaged to basketball player Nick Young, with the pair already settling on a date for their nuptials - although they haven't released it. It seems other areas of the planning aren't going quite as easily though, as Iggy is said to have extremely set ideas about what she wants.

"She's insisting on not one, but two weddings," an insider told Britain's Heat magazine. "She wants one in Australia, where she's from, and another in Nick's hometown of LA. She wants 20 bejewelled white horses and a $100,000 firework display at both."

While some couples do decide to celebrate their special day twice when they come from different places, it's normal for one of the events to be a small blessing. This apparently doesn't gel with Iggy's view of her big day.

"She's insisting on over 250 guests at each ceremony and is also pushing for two honeymoons - one to Fiji and the second to Hawaii. They're looking at a bill close to $500,000," the source said.

Nick has previously joked that planning the nuptials has turned into a nightmare, with the sportsman declaring he doesn't know why he bothers to air an opinion as no matter what he says they always decide on Iggy's choice.

She is already known to have selected Demi Lovato as one of her bridesmaids, previously telling US talk show host James Corden that she hopes Demi will sing at the wedding. Iggy has some of the other music sorted too, but she's decided against making it a hip-hop affair. Instead she wants a string quartet, revealing: "My stepmother, she plays the cello, so I just think that string instruments are so beautiful... they always make everybody cry."