Iggy Azalea's team convinced her to check in to a mental-health retreat.

The 29-year-old rapper was reluctant at first to spend time at the facility in Arizona but her team insisted and she is now happy that she agreed.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: ''They just didn't want me to f**k up my own life, basically. I just couldn't get out of functioning at this insanity level. Where you're like, Whoa, hold on, don't operate the vehicle.''

Iggy talked through her issues with therapists, including ''not being able to separate well-intended criticism from trolling'' and identified many of the issues that had affected her on her meteoric rise to fame and her fall from grace.

She said: ''The whole thing was very overwhelming... you're suddenly mega f**king famous within a few months.

''You want to be right so bad because you feel like you're justified, your emotions are so real. It's hard to say, 'Okay, I handled that in a bad way'.''

Iggy, 29, believes she has done a lot of growing up during her time in the spotlight and admitted that looking back on her younger self now makes her cringe.

She said: ''There's a part of me that doesn't necessarily dispute everything I've said. But I definitely feel like, Who the f**k is that person? It's that time in your life when you think, I'm a real grown-up and I know everything, and you can't tell me sh*t. The older I get, the less I f**king know about anything.''

However, Iggy - who left Los Angeles to move to Atlanta with her rapper boyfriend Playboi Carti - doesn't believe she is guilty of cultural appropriation like she has been accused of and doesn't plan to say sorry.

She said: ''You could ask one person of the same race, 'Does this affect you?' and they will say yes. But another person will say no. They could be from the same place, same everything, but have different perspectives about it.

''I'm still going to make the same type of music and still be ridiculous and larger than life. So I can't be that fucking sorry about it.''