The Australian rapper, who was diagnosed with temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) in 2014, recently revealed she is undergoing vocal coaching so she can do more singing on her records.

She has now explained that the tutoring has had an unexpected side effect as it helps alleviate the pain stemming from the joint condition.

When asked by a fan on whether she is still taking the lessons, Iggy replies, "Yup once a week. It helps with my TMJ too..."

She adds of the painful condition, "For me my jaw kinda clamps shut and I can't open my mouth properly or clicks when I open it... When I had to get root canal on my teeth they were like doesn't your teeth hurt (sic)! I thought it was just my jaw ache from TMJ hahaha..."

Iggy has injections to help ease the symptoms, which worsen after "recording... or performing a lot", and even wears a mouth guard.

"I get injections in my jaw sometimes 'cause it gets stuck..." she adds. "I have a mouth guard and I do exercises to relax my jaw and it helps a lot. It's good most of the time now..."

The Fancy rapper will have to deal with TMJ for the rest of her life, but she is convinced the symptoms will eventually ease off when she retires from music.

"I'll always have it but I'm sure when I stop rapping one day it will be even better," she explains.