Iggy Azalea didn't leave her house for ''two years'' when she was gripped by depression.

The 'Savior' singer has spoken openly about being gripped by the mood disorder, and advised others who are feeling low to take the condition day by day, but to look for an ''excuse'' to break their routine and get outside.

She said: ''I think you gotta take it day by day. Just find an excuse to get out of the house.''

Asked if she found herself staying indoors, she told 'Extra' presenter Mark Wright: ''Oh yeah. I stayed in the house for a good two years.''

The 27-year-old star recently spoke of how she struggled to get her life back together after a difficult period in her life, resulting in her penning her latest track, 'Savior'.

She said: ''It was a really heavy period in my life where I'd had a lot of changes that had happened overnight. I'd had a big breakup, and my career wasn't going well. And I sort of found myself in this space where everything that I was used to, just my day-to-day routine, had abruptly stopped.

''And I just didn't know how to get my life back together, or what my life looked like with all of these changes, and how to get a routine going again, and just how to get my happiness back and feeling normal. So that was the space that I was in when I wrote this song.''

And Iggy admits it was ''hard'' to even put the song out as it reminds her of how she felt during those tough times.

She added: ''It was a hard one to put out there. Sometimes it takes me back to that place, which was so heavy. But it also makes me really happy when I hear it because I figured it out for myself.''

In 2016, the 'Fancy' hitmaker admitted harsh criticism made her want to ''quit life''.

She said: '''It can make a person feel like, 'Well, what do I have left to live for?'

''There were times when I just wanted to quit life, the whole thing, really.

''Sometimes I would drive through the canyons to get my horses, and I'd be like, 'What if I just kept driving off the canyon?' ''