Iggy Azalea has been suffering from terrifying nightmares.

The 28-year-old rapper awoke in the early hours on Monday morning (28.08.18) traumatised by a night vision which left her scared and disorientated.

Telling her 7.95 million Twitter followers about her frightening dream, she tweeted: ''Just woke up from one of those weird ass nightmares where you're still out of it and start talking out loud to the person in your room hiding only to focus your vision more and realize it's a painting on your wall. F**k my life. (sic)''

In a bid to prevent future nightmares, Iggy - who recently split from NFL player DeAndre Hopkins - may have to change her movie viewing habits.

Last week, the 'Black Widow' hitmaker watched acclaimed horror film 'Hereditary' and admitted that it left her ''disturbed''.

She tweeted: ''Hereditary is one of the most genuinely horrifying films I've seen in my adult life. I am disturbed.''

Supernatural fright-fest 'Hereditary' stars Toni Collette as miniaturist Annie Graham who is trying to deal with the grief of her own mother's death whilst also handling the problems of her own family, husband Peter Graham (Gabriel Byrne) and their two children, schoolgirl daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro) and pot-head teenage son Peter (Alex Wolff).

Annie's estranged mother had been living with the Grahams before she died and the discovery of some cryptic papers in her belongings which uncover terrifying secrets about the family's ancestry leading to horrific consequences.