Iggy Azalea's new single is about ''a crazy bitch doing coke.''

The 28-year-old rapper dropped her new song 'Tokyo Snow Drift' - taken from her new album 'Surviving The Summer' - on Thursday (05.07.18) night and has admitted on her Twitter account that the track is about a woman hooked on cocaine.

She wrote: ''TST is about a bitch doing coke.''

Fans then began speculating that the lyrics were based on her but she quickly explained that the ''crazy bitch'' is nothing to do with her and she hasn't done drugs.

She added: ''To clarify, TST is about a b**ch doing coke and being a f**king liar a** crazy b**ch. It's not ME doing any. lol. (sic)''

However, she clearly realised that her honest message was being taken out of context by her followers so she later decided to delete both tweets altogether.

The lyrics read: ''Rose from the cracks, with the rats and the roaches.

''Bust the duffle bag open/ Hush money in the sofa.

''B**ch, you know what I'm totin'/ Pinocchio nose drip, Tokyo snow trip.''

Iggy - who hasn't dropped an album since 'The New Classic' in 2014 - has been heavily promoting her new LP 'Surviving The Summer' for weeks now but was disappointed when she woke up to find that the tracks had been leaked in Australia.

She wrote: ''Just woke up. So I guess Australia and NZ released my new stuff and pre order on what's technically July 6... Just isn't where I live in America so. I dunno.''

However, the 'Fancy' hitmaker - who now lives in California - is adamant she's ''not mad'' but she won't be celebrating the release until it's time in the US.

Iggy - who was born and raised in Australia but now lives in the US - said: ''I'm not mad obviously but also I don't want to celebrate until it's time here in the States. (sic)''