Iggy Azalea's fear of rejection gives her anxiety.

The 'Fancy' hitmaker admits she gets anxious feelings when she reaches out to other artists and asks if they want to collaborate because she is worried they'll say no.

She wrote in a series of tweets: ''Over the years I've become a lil self conscious about reaching out to ppl I don't know personally to collaborate or simply just compliment them because I feel so paranoid they'll be like 'Gross, I hate her' but recently I've started to push past my anxiety and just ASK! ... Not letting my anxiety about potentially feeling rejected by people I'm a fan of stop me from trying my luck and reaching out to them has already lead to tons of new creative people around me for this era. I'm really excited about that. (sic)''

Iggy has previously admitted she got ''crazy anxiety'' when people started speculating she was dating Jimmy Butler after she was spotted looking cosy with the basketball player in a car park in Malibu.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, she shared back in August: ''Can we please stop saying every man who is single you see me standing next to is someone I'm on a date with? Sh*t is corny and super annoying! The whole thing gives me crazy anxiety & makes me feel like I can't have normal in passing conversations with people because everything ends up being some ''story'' for the internet. (sic)''