Iggy Azalea is planning to go on a diet.

The Australian rap star has revealed she intends to go on a meal plan during the month of April, as she wants to become a bit healthier.

Iggy wrote on Twitter: ''Im going on a meal plan for the month of april and im really not looking forward to the first week of it because of my pizza withdrawals (sic)''

The curvaceous musician was told by one of her followers that she needn't go on any kind of diet, because she already looks ''fine''.

But Iggy responded by insisting she's determined to be more healthy, adding that her plan wasn't simply motivated by a desire to lose weight.

She explained: ''Its just good to be healthy and eat things that are good for your body sometimes. Its not about how i look or a number on the scale. (sic)''

And Iggy promised that her healthy eating plan won't become a permanent thing.

She said: ''im gonna be back freestyling my food in May hahahaa (sic)''

Earlier this month, Iggy claimed that some people want her to be ''deported'' from America.

The 27-year-old rapper - who was born in Sydney, Australia - recently celebrated receiving her US Green Card, which means she's now a permanent resident of her adopted country, but Iggy subsequently conceded that not everyone will be happy about her new status.

She wrote on Twitter: ''Seriously! I've been here 12 years! only just got approved!

been paying my fed & state taxes etc but can't vote or have a say how it's spent.

Some people are SO miserable.

Y'all would be happy for me to get deported back to a country I only know 4 ppl in though! I worked hard. (sic)''