Iggy Azalea is planning a romantic Valentine's Day break with her new boyfriend LJay Currie.

The 'Black Widow' hitmaker and the music producer - who has worked with Chris Brown - enjoyed a sun-drenched vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in January and Iggy has decided the couple need to get away to celebrate the annual celebration of love on February 14.

She posted on Twitter: ''I'm bout to book a vacation for Valentine's Day to the most romantic place I can think of & play juveniles greatest hits at ignorant levels the entire weekend. [sic]''

Iggy admits Cabo is currently her favourite destination because she had such a great time there earlier in the year.

In response to her original tweet, she posted: ''Clearly this is just me making up a reason to go to Cabo and get drunk in a swimming pool again.''

When quizzed by one of her 8 million plus followers if this meant she had given up being teetotal, Iggy clarified her drinking status by saying: ''Same as before. A glass of red wine with steak on occasion & ''when in Cabo'' wine in various bodies of water. But that's it. It's just not my thing unless there's steak or Cabo ... Honestly I couldn't tell you the last time I was truly 'drunk' and no I record sober. I don't know how anyone is able to be in pocket of a beat whilst under the influence. [sic]''

Another fan then enquired as to whether Iggy found it difficult to stay sober most of the time when her friends are getting ''s**t faced''.

But the 27-year-old rapper insists it's not a problem for her to stay off the booze when others are sinking the drinks, because most of the people around her don't get wasted and even her boyfriend LJay only gets really drunk a couple of times a year.

Iggy tweeted: ''Honestly I don't have any friends that do this besides my bff once or twice a year and it's fairly hilarious. A lot of my friends smoke, but they are considerate of the fact I don't. I personally think your body, your choice. No judgement. [sic]''

But Iggy did admit she experimented with cigarettes and alcohol when she was a teenager but she never really enjoyed either that much.

Responding to a Twitter follower who asked if she had a ''smoke and drink'' phase, she answered: ''When I was a teenager yes, but then I kinda woke up and realized if someone isn't offering me it, I don't actually want any - therefore this isn't really what I want to be doing on my own accord. So I stopped. [sic]''