Iggy Azalea suspects her mother is a social media ''lurker''.

The 29-year-old rap star - who was born in Australia but now lives in the US - has revealed she believes her mother is always secretly monitoring her Twitter page.

Writing on the micro-blogging platform, Iggy shared: ''Does anyone else's family lurk their page.

''My mom totally does but would never admit it. I bet you if I tweet that tigers blood is the best snow cone flavor next week she'll 'randomly' happen to be eating one.

''B***h you're a lurker! Hahaha (sic)''

Iggy's initial tweet prompted an angry reaction from another Twitter user, who bemoaned the blonde beauty referring to her mother as a ''b***h''.

Iggy subsequently added: ''I'm Aussie. We cuss. In a loving way. ALOT. Haha (sic)''

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Iggy admitted that childhood bullying led her to ''self-sabotage''.

The 'Fancy' hitmaker said her high school experience meant she found it difficult as she got older to read people and ''tell the difference'' when someone was being ''constructive'' rather than cruel.

Iggy - who is now one of the world's best-selling rappers - explained: ''There were people around me that I worked with who were like, 'We love you and we think that you self-sabotage yourself'.

''I knew that it was true and I think a lot of it was because I got bullied in high school and made fun of because I was always very ridiculous and over the top.

''So it was hard for me in my adult life to be able to tell the difference between somebody being critical and constructive, and somebody bullying.''