Iggy Azalea's songs are ''so genuine'', according to music director Lil Internet.

The 26-year-old rapper joined forces with the creative mastermind to help direct the accompanying clip for her new release 'Mo Bounce', and he has credited the blonde beauty for being ''so cool'' and ''so honest'' with her music because she shows true interest in her work and the entire entertainment industry.

Speaking to Complex about the Australian musician, he said: ''She's so cool and so genuine about her work and so honest about what she's doing and so genuinely just into it.

''Just talking to her and getting to know her, she has been through crazy, crazy s**.''

And the producer has revealed Iggy - whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly - was the only artist he has ever worked with who was ''involved the whole time'' with the entire filmmaking and editing process.

Lil Internet - who has previously worked with Beyoncé on her 2013 single 'No Angel' and with Diplo on 'Express Yourself' - explained: ''Iggy reached out and wanted me to do it [direct the music video], which is kind of how my biggest videos have always gone. I sent in a treatment, but I don't really think it was like a pitch where there was a whole bunch of directors. That's definitely how it worked with Diplo and Beyoncé.

''I sent a treatment over, and she sent back a lot of detailed notes and images. To be honest, this was the most collaborative video I've ever done with an artist. Iggy was involved the whole time and it was really, really awesome to have that kind of work dynamic. It happens a lot less than you think.

''She came to all the edit sessions, all the colour corrections. She sat there while I edited the whole thing, basically.''