The Fancy rapper has faced a lot of criticism within the past year, including being accused of cultural appropriation, numerous social media feuds with stars such as Azealia Banks and Snoop Dogg, and is regularly attacked by online trolls.

She has also battled a very public break-up with her ex-fiance Nick Young, from whom she finally split after apparently seeing security footage of him cheating on her.

In an interview with Notion magazine Iggy spoke about the hate she receives and how she doesn't want even the people closest to her to see her weak.

"I'm tough and don't like to be vulnerable even around my own mother," she said. "We can all see I get a lot more s**t than other people in the music business, that’s not even debatable... There isn’t anything awful left I haven’t heard said about me."

During the interview, the rapper, who is gearing up to release her second album Digital Distortion, revealed that she she has plans to move into Hollywood as a producer.

"I would still like to get into producing movies and television series, behind the scenes and will be doing that in the next one or two years," she said.

Although she likes to seem tough, Iggy did admit to fans she was struggling as she began work on The X Factor Australia while still reeling from the split. She tweeted, "I feel like my body was just drop kicked out of a plane with no parachute."

Iggy called off her engagement to the basketball player in June (16) amid rumours his ex-girlfriend Keonna Green was pregnant with their second child. Keonna later gave an interview to Us Magazine admititing she is pregnant and it is "200 per cent Nick's child".