Iggy Azalea wants to ''cry from happiness'' when she's working on her music.

The 'Fancy' hitmaker posted defiant message to her critics this week as she insisted she will keep on enjoying herself whether people like or or not.

Taking to social media, she tweeted: ''The only time I wanna cry from happiness is when I'm making music & being creative; so people can count me out all they want but I won't enjoy myself any less.''

The message comes just days after Iggy opened up about how a fear of rejection gives her anxiety.

In a series of posts on Twitter, she wrote: ''Over the years I've become a lil self conscious about reaching out to ppl I don't know personally to collaborate or simply just compliment them because I feel so paranoid they'll be like 'Gross, I hate her' but recently I've started to push past my anxiety and just ASK! ...

''Not letting my anxiety about potentially feeling rejected by people I'm a fan of stop me from trying my luck and reaching out to them has already lead to tons of new creative people around me for this era. I'm really excited about that. (sic)''

Meanwhile, Iggy treated her passionate fanbase earlier this month when she cast 20 of her followers in her upcoming music video.

She wrote online: ''Hey everyone who sent in their info for our extras casting, be on the look out Monday for an email confirming you.

''It been so hard to pick only 20 out of hundreds of awesome people. Thanks to everyone that offered your time & support! (sic)''