Iggy Azalea got ''crazy anxiety'' when people started speculating she was dating Jimmy Butler.

The 'Kream' hitmaker set tongues wagging this week when she was spotted looking cosy with the basketball player in a car park in Malibu, but she's adamant they're not together and she feels an overwhelming sense of paranoia when her fans start commenting on her love life.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, she fumed: ''Can we please stop saying every man who is single you see me standing next to is someone I'm on a date with? Sh*t is corny and super annoying! The whole thing gives me crazy anxiety & makes me feel like I can't have normal in passing conversations with people because everything ends up being some ''story'' for the internet. (sic)''

The 28-year-old rapper is newly single after she recently split from NFL star DeAndre Hopkins.

Along with shrugging and blushing emojis, she wrote on her Twitter account: ''I'm single ... ''I have come to the conclusion iam going to be alone forever. I am completely fine with that. I have a routine now. watch movies alone in the shower n s**t... its nice.(sic)''

However, as soon as she announced her relationship status, fans began speculating that she was growing closer to Kylie Jenner's ex-boyfriend Tyga after they worked together on 'Kream'.

But she claimed: ''He's just always been a reoccurring person in my life and we always have this creative energy, where we play each other songs and give each other opinions. It always seemed like we were meant to collaborate and we just hadn't. He kept telling people that I know that he had a song idea for me and him and I was like ... uh he's lying. No he doesn't. He just wants to be around me. But he really did have a song idea! We have a great time together. I really enjoyed our vibe in the studio. We stayed in there enough [time] that people thought we had some sort of romance going on. I hope do to more collaborations with him. I think we work and our energies and sound kind of work, it's a platonic chemistry.''

Iggy hasn't had the best track record when it comes to relationships over the years as she was left heartbroken in 2016 when she caught her fiancé Nick Young in bed with another woman.