Iggy Azalea has to re-record some vocals for her new album after her hard drive crashed.

The 28-year-old rapper revealed that although she didn't lose any entire songs she wasn't able to retrieve certain files from her drive when it broke beyond repair last week, meaning she'll have to make some changes on her upcoming record 'In My Defense'.

The 'Work' hitmaker has already started the process and hopes to have the new vocals finished by Friday (26.04.19).

Posting to her 7.94 million Twitter followers, she said: ''My hard drive crashed last week. it was unrecoverable. I used a dif engineer for a few sessions and only saved that work to my drive so not everything was double backed up. I didn't lose full songs. I'm hope to be done officially on Friday. (sic)''

A fan replied to the tweet, writing: ''That sucks really, i hope u didnt lost album songs (sic)''

Prompting the 'Fancy' rapper to reply: ''I didn't lose any songs, I just don't have updated vocals to some things and so have had to re record vocals etc. It's small but time consuming. (sic)''

Iggy went on to apologise to her fans for being absent from social media over the last couple of weeks and insisted that she's ''hyped'' for her new album to drop.

She wrote: ''I've been trying to edit the video, get merch designs done, etc etc while recording and playing catch up for the last two weeks. I'm really sorry I haven't been online more, I really wanna get everyone hyped for STARTED to drop! Let's count down when we have 7 sleeps left! (sic)''

The 'Sally Walker' hitmaker previously boasted that 'In My Defense' is better than ''90 per cent'' of her previous work.

She tweeted: ''F**k. I'm really proud of my album. It sh**s on 95 per cent of everything I've ever made & its only half done.''