The Australian rapper has been hit with rumours that her basketball player beau, Nick Young, has been unfaithful after video footage of him boasting about being a womaniser leaked in March (16). They remain united though, despite Iggy commenting a few times that she's had to talk to him about the claims.

So when Nick was close to having an incorrect inking recently, the musician wasn't sure whether she had to heart to tell him. Sharing a picture of the design on Twitter, it showed the sportsman's back with the world 'BORN' already permanently outlined. However, she stepped in when realising the tattoo artist was about to write 'REBLE' rather than 'REBEL'.

"(I told Nick) 'I didn't know you were a little reble,'" Iggy grinned talk show host Seth Meyers. "I had to think about telling him. Does he deserve this? But I love him."

She expressed her affections for him on Twitter too, saying it was her feelings for Nick that made her stop the mistake.

During her appearance on Seth's Late Night show Iggy also discussed her new album, Digital Distortion. It's scheduled to drop in June (16) but unlike her debut record The New Classic, this offering won't feature any guest artists.

"I did have kind of like a crazy year. Last year was a big year for me in my life," she explained, referring to collaborations like Fancy with Charli XCX and Black Widow with Rita Ora. "And so, I wanted to think about it in some way, still a way that was fine and people could enjoy. But I felt like it was really important for me to be the one delivering that message."

Iggy also treated the audience to a performance from Digital Distortion's first single, Team, while on the programme.