Iggy Azalea has confirmed she is dating DeAndre Hopkins.

The 28-year-old rapper took to the Instagram comments on a post made by the NFL star to confirm that the pair are dating, as she called him ''her man'' in the flirty exchange.

DeAndre had posted a photo which was captioned: ''My Aussies call me legend,'' and Iggy commented: ''I could think of a few other things to call you.''

When a fan then asked if the pair were dating, DeAndre replied: ''Yes indeed,'' whilst the 'Fancy' hitmaker called the sporting star ''her man''.

The new romance comes after Iggy recently revealed she had a ''crush'' on a man who follows a vegan diet, as she admitted she would have to let him go because she'd never be able to stop munching on sausages.

She wrote on Twitter: ''Yes, iam eating tater tots and a hot dog for dinner.. at home, in my house. YES. iam 28 years old.

''I seriously need to get it together. at least i have solace in the fact iam not alone.

''Its true, iam a millennial and i dont want three children.

''and my crush is vegan. clearly i need to give it up. him i mean. im not gonna live life without hotdogs.(sic)''

Meanwhile, in May, the 'Kream' rapper insisted she was ''still extremely single'', following rumours she had struck up a romance with fellow rapper Tyga.

Addressing the speculation on Twitter at the time, she wrote: ''I thought it was fairly obvious, but I feel I need to clarify again. I'm still extremely single & im not dating anyone. Honestly.''

And in July, she admitted she was feeling ''so alone'', and would ideally like to find someone to date who isn't in the music business - a box which DeAndre ticks.

She said: ''I'm so alone! I'd like to find a person [whose] not in the music industry.''