The 25-year-old Australian singer hit headlines on Tuesday (26Apr16) when she waded into the controversy surrounding Beyonce's 'Becky with the good hair' lyrics, which appears to hint that the singer's husband Jay Z may have been unfaithful.

She said at the time that Beyonce had used hip-hop slang white women might find offensive, noting the name Becky is a "racist" term often used to describe a generic white girl.

However, on Wednesday (27Apr16), Iggy launched another lengthy rant on Twitter, insisting that she hadn't meant to accuse Beyonce of racist behaviour on her new album Lemonade.

"No i dont think Beyonce is racist nor do i think calling someone "BECKY" is the same as a racial slur. I actually like her and the project (sic)," Iggy began.

"BUT, no i dont think its great to use stereotypical names to describe ANY race. I think we can all agree on that."

Iggy continued to clarify her initial remarks, insisting that it isn't an issue because nobody is going to come up to her on the street and call her Becky.

"AND WE ALL KNOW "becky" started because you all think white girls just go around slobbing on everyones d**k," she added.

"Im good on being called that. AND YOU WILL ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL DEAL. because unless youre planning on walking up to me and calling me out my name, it doesnt affect you! (sic)"

Iggy is known for using Twitter as a means of setting the record straight when it comes to her personal life. She has been at the centre of allegations surrounding her fiance Nick Young for the past month, following the emergence of a video in which he allegedly boasts he has been unfaithful to the singer.

However, Iggy has appeared to put the video behind her and moved on with her relationship.

On Wednesday, Iggy told fans she had stepped in to prevent her future husband from making a terrible mistake with a giant tattoo he was set to have across his back.

"Guys, I wanna let you know. Nick cant spell and if it wasnt for the LOVE i have for him. He would have "BORN REBLE" tatted across his back," Iggy tweeted. "I came in half way thru (sic) his tattoo and noticed "BORN REBEL" looked different to the way i remember it.

"I will tweet the picture of his tattoo when i land. He really is lucky i mentioned it to him, I was gonna be petty and not say."

She later shared a snap of the misspelled "Born Reble" on Nick's back, writing: "See... Lucky I'm around @NickSwagyPYoung."