Iggy Azalea can't date a vegan because she loves sausage too much.

The 'Fancy' hitmaker has joked that she has a ''crush'' on a man who follows a plant-based diet but she thinks she should ''give him up'' and accept that they may never date because she can't stop munching on hotdogs made from pigs.

Taking to her Twitter account, she wrote: ''Yes, iam eating tater tots and a hot dog for dinner.. at home, in my house. YES. iam 28 years old.

''I seriously need to get it together. at least i have solace in the fact iam not alone.

''Its true, iam a millennial and i dont want three children.

''and my crush is vegan. clearly i need to give it up. him i mean. im not gonna live life without hotdogs.(sic)''

But it looks like their relationship wouldn't work out anyway because the 28-year-old rapper has claimed she can't date anyone without her nail technician putting her off.

She explained: ''There is literally no one in this world i can like without my nail tech knowing someone they already f****d and at least one shady ass story about them.

''and if she doesnt know this week....i bet she knows something by the time i have a fill-in appointment. damn bitch. can i have anything nice.

''My nail girl is the olivia benson of my universe.

''Anyway... im just glad none of these guys go to my girl for mani's cause she sure could ruin my life. (sic)''

The blonde bombshell was rumoured to be getting close to rapper Tyga - who previously dated Kylie Jenner - but she's claimed they could never date because she knows too much about him and his relationship history.

She said recently: ''I'm still single... We've been friends for so long. He's a nice guy -- I just feel like people you know for so long you just know too much about him.''