Iggy Azalea's ambition is to help other women to achieve their goals.

The 27-year-old rapper has taken to her Twitter account to voice her support for aspiring female stars, saying she's determined to see them ''win'' in life and is dedicated to ensuring they don't have to deal with any ''bulls**t'' from men.

Iggy wrote on the micro-blogging website: ''No exaggeration, the only thing I love more than doing my own thing ... is helping girls I believe in do theirs. I just want girls to win & not be taken advantage of by men who sell dreams. I just want them to be safe & themselves & unique & not have to deal with any bull**it. [sic]''

Last month, Iggy took to Twitter to urge her followers to stop ''automatically assuming'' all relationships are ''traditional and monogamous''.

The blonde beauty - who was previously engaged to NBA star Nick Young, before she ended their relationship in acrimonious circumstances - asked people to reconsider their perceptions of love.

The 'Fancy' hitmaker said: ''I just wanna know, why is it we all automatically assume everyone in a relationship; is in a traditional/monogamous relationship?

''We should stop assuming that.

''I guess im thinking about the subject because we all talk so much more about sexuality, gender etc. and the ability for those things to be more complex and fluid. But relationships seem to still be assumed to be TRADITIONAL and MONOGAMOUS. why?

''Ive only attempted monogamous relationships, but i know tons of people who have their own versions, that works for them. So i think its odd when we hear about someone stepping out on another person in the spotlight etc. we automatically assume ''cheating'' ''shes dumb'' ''leave''


''We should stop assuming everyones into monogamy.

''We should also respect that s**t is private. Be happy, do what works for you. [sic]''