Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has denied speculation she has boosted her butt with silicone implants.

T.I.'s hip-hop protegee, real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly, has been rumoured to have gone under the knife to give her backside a more rounded appearance, but the Work hitmaker has now set the record straight.

She tells U.S. radio host Sway Calloway, "Everything's my own. Of course it's my own. I've heard it's not a real butt. I've heard it's a number of things. I've heard sometimes it's my underpants (that are padded). I've heard I had implants, I've heard all kinds of crazy stuff.

"But it's my flesh, it's my butt. I also heard recently I got cheek implants. I was like, 'Oh man, I got so many implants. Where do I have the time to do this?'"