Igby Goes Down director Burr Steers had to rely on the goodwill of others to get his film made - and feels blessed that so many big names were drawn to it.

The filmmaker - who had a role in Pulp Fiction in his previous career as an actor - admits without support from high profile stars and musicians, the film would never have been made.

And with a stellar cast including Susan Sarandon, Jeff Goldblum, KIERAN CULKIN, Ryan Phillippe and Bill Pullman, Steers admits he struck lucky.

He explains, "Had I not gotten them, the movie wouldn't have been made. The money was raised on those people loving the script. They attached themselves, despite my having no budget.

"Likewise, getting songs from Coldplay, THE Dandy Warhols, Travis and Badly Drawn Boy for the soundtrack was a big, big factor.

"I think music and movies always revive at the same time, and that's happening right now."

08/06/2003 14:12