Luther, the gritty BBC drama series starring actor Idris Elba is to get American airtime. It was announced on Tuesday 8th June that BBC America are set to run the six-part show, with the release date being announced as October 17th 2010.
The premise of the series centres on the talented yet often self-destructive detective John Luther, played by Elba. Luther begins an unlikely relationship with a killer, played by Ruth Wilson. Despite his obvious talents as an investigator, Luther's emotional impulses and unusual methods often renders him as dangerous as the criminals he hunts. The series was created by acclaimed suspense novelist NEIL CROSS, who told BBC America that the show was, "an intense psychological thriller which examines not only human depravity but the complex nature of love and how it's often this - our finest attribute - that leads us into darkness". As well as being the star of the drama, Elba also tried his hand behind the camera - co producing the series with the BBC.
Elba won't be unfamiliar to American audiences, as he played Stringer Bell in the popular drama The Wire, as well as appearing in the The Office: An American Workplace, and alongside Denzel Washington as Tango in American Gangster.