British actor Idris Elba is hoping to take his popular Tv detective series Luther to the big screen.

The Wire star has played Detective Chief Inspector John Luther in the British crime drama for two seasons, and a third is due later this year (13), and now Elba wants to take the show a step further by making it into a movie.

He tells Britain's Sunday Express, "It's a goal for Neil (show creator/writer Neil Cross) and me for sure. We've talked about it (making a film), but we haven't got into any deal stage with it.

"I think what we've done with Luther in the way that the audience digests the show, first six episodes, then four eps (sic) in this (third) series, I hope that is gearing up the fans for maybe a film, or Tv special, because we broke the mould in the first place."

Elba hopes the show's popularity in the U.S. will help make his dream a reality, adding, "The show is huge in America. The response I get is, 'Oh my God, man. Oh my God!'"