Idris Elba wants a giant poster of his face.

The 38-year-old actor finds it "odd" when he sees large promotional ads bearing his image in cities but he admits he would like to keep one as a souvenir.

He said: "Do I get used to it? No - it's odd. The 'Thor' ones were humongous.

"I was in London and I saw me on the side of a bus, which was almost laughable, just this big face going past.

"I might ask to take one home. It's probably bigger than my mum and dad's house, but I'd like to see it in there."

Idris has seen his UK detective series 'Luther' receive widespread critical acclaim and huge viewing figures, and he admits he is particularly proud of the programme because he was also one of the producers.

He told Shortlist magazine: "There's a huge sense of achievement with it. You've got to understand that I'm still an actor and being offered parts that are challenging, motivating and iconic is the greatest buzz.

"But also being able to say that I'm part of the team that puts it together and helps keep its integrity alive is exciting in a different way. I love that."