The Wire star, who is also a well-known DJ, was called by Madonna's aide, who offered him a slot on the Rebel Heart Tour at a stop in Berlin earlier this month (Nov15).

Idris could not believe the last-minute proposal, which was pitched to him only two days before the gig, and he hung up the phone in shock.

"Here's the story, I was sitting in my house on a Sunday in my slippers, the phone goes and her manager calls me and says 'Listen, Madonna would love you to DJ on Tuesday in Berlin.' I was like 'What?'" Idris tells U.K. talk show host Jonathan Ross, before mimicking putting a phone down.

"He calls me back, I go 'Are you joking?' he goes, 'No, seriously do you fancy the job?' and my mates were like you, 'Don't say no to Madge, you've just got to do it, you've just got to do the job' so I ended up going to Berlin and doing that."

Idris was also roped in to Madonna's raunchy onstage segment during her track Unapologetic B**ch. She bent him over, slapped and kicked his bottom, and simulated a sexual act.

Other celebrities to have taken part in the routine during the tour include Rita Ora, Katy Perry, Jessica Chastain and Nelly Furtado.