Idris Elba ''really wants'' to star in a romantic comedy.

The 46-year-old actor has previously landed films with a ''little bit'' of romance, he would ''love'' to do a ''a true to form'' light-hearted movie with a love story at its core.

In an interview with Newsweek, he said: ''I really want to do a romantic comedy. I haven't done that.

''I've done 'Daddy's Little Girls' and there was a little bit of that in it, but a true to form romance comedy is one I'd love to get into. I haven't had that chance to do that.''

The 'Luther' star went on to explain that although there's nobody he'd particularly like to work with on such a project, it's the ''story'' that attracts him to the possibility of a romantic comedy and wants to find a script that would ''move hearts with love and romance''

Asked if he has a dream co-star in mind, he said: ''No, no one particularly. Really it's more about the story, finding that great story that would move hearts with love and romance and all those feelings.

''But in terms of an actress, I can't think of any names right now. I just think doing a film like that would be the one.''

Idris added that he enjoys ''complex characters'' and likes that he isn't always cast in a specific type of role.

He said: ''I think my favourite type of role is one that people don't think I'm going to play. My favourite type of role is one that allows me to show a different side of myself. I like complex characters.

''I enjoy that I have that. There's no form of 'Oh Idris [is going to] play that, you know that.' I like switching it up.''