Idris Elba has vowed 'Thor 2' will be ''huge''.

The British actor is set to reprise his role as Asgardian gatekeeper, Heimdall in the sequel - which will again see Chris Hemsworth portray the title character - and though he says it will be an epic adventure, he also revealed the story will examine the characters in detail.

He said: ''Definitely Heimdall's more involved, but also, what's more involved is who the Asgardians are. I think we'll see a sense of that.

''It's a huge film, 'Thor 2,' but I also think it's micro in a way that you start to look at people, who they are a little bit more.''

Though production on the sequel - which is expected to explore the other realms of the universe, outside of Asgard and Earth - has not yet begun, Idris can't wait to get to work on the movie.

He told MTV News: ''I'm actually excited about it. I literally just did a costume fitting the other day.''

Idris' co-star Tom Hiddleston recently discussed his hopes for the movie sequel, saying he wanted his character Loki to reach ''rock bottom''.

He said: ''I'd like to take [Loki] to his absolute rock bottom. I'd like to see him yield, essentially, to his darkest instincts. Then, having hit rock bottom, maybe come back up.''