The British actor portrays the lizard-like villain Krall in the new sci-fi film, and he spent around four hours every morning in costume and make-up.

"It was about three, three-and-a-half hours in the morning, and then there's an hour to put the suit on," he told U.S. morning show Live! With Kelly. "The whole suit was rubber: big rubber head, contact lenses that were about this big..."

Idris admits he was uncomfortable for the entire shoot, sweating it out under all the prosthetics, which also made it hard to eat a regular lunch.

"I had to take out my false teeth and then have a straw. I had a lot of liquids, cause I lost a lot of weight doing that (wearing the suit)," he explained.

The 43-year-old was even teased by co-star Chris Pine, who would often show off his tasty lunch knowing Idris was unable to properly eat.

"He came up to me with like, six (chicken) drumsticks, like, 'How you doing, man? You hot?' I'd be like, 'Get out of here!'," he laughed.

Despite his costume difficulties, Idris learned to love acting with prosthetics: "I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed it," he said. "The (costume) process was definitely a challenge, but to get inside and have to move in this face, and look at the size of his face, you didn't have to act scary, you could just live in this character. I enjoyed it, I really did; it was like puppetry."

Star Trek Beyond is not the first time Idris has tackled the villain onscreen - he also played a tough war lord in child soldier drama Beasts of No Nation last year (15), and the actor confesses he is loving playing the bad guy.

"I do like villains," he confessed, quipping, "I'm an evil guy!"

He added, "I think the thing about villains is that writers tend to really make them complex, because to deal with someone that's evil you have to really understand the root of where they come from, so writers enjoy writing bad guys."