Idris Elba credits DJ-ing with ''grounding him completely''.

The 46-year-old star has always split his focus between both music and acting and he admits the music side of it keeps him level headed.

He told Collider: ''DJ-ing is my first love. I'm a creative, but DJ-ing was the first stop. That's where I started. By the time I was about 13, I was DJ-ing for house parties. And then, I met my drama teacher, and the DJ-ing went out the window. I became an actor. But the truth is that I've kept DJ-ing alongside my acting career. It's one of those things that I just really like to do. It grounds me, completely. I love music, and I love making music. What I did not what to do was market my DJ-ing based on my acting. But recently, there's been this crazy cross-roads of stuff happening, all together, with Coachella and 'Turn Up Charlie'. It all looks like a marketing plan, but it isn't. I promise, I'm not that clever.''

Idris had previously confessed that he ''nearly passed out'' when he was booked for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

He said: ''I've worked my whole life to play at Coachella. I made it at 46! I nearly passed out when I found out.''

And he has no plans to rehearse for the gig, which takes place next month.

He said: ''No rehearsals. I've got a two-hour set, so I'm just going to bang some great records together. I'm in a dance tent with other DJs who play what I play, so hopefully we're just going to bring some energy. Coachella is a big deal.''