Scottish band Idlewild have split from their record company EMI/Parlophone after eight years together.

The YOU HELD THE WORLD IN YOUR ARMS hitmakers, comprising frontman Roddy Woomble, guitarist ROD JONES, bassist PHIL SCANLON and drummer COLIN NEWTON, came to an "amicable" split with the label after they decided not to renew their previous four-album contract.

Woomble explains, "I suppose the main news currently regarding the band is that after eight years we've ended our relationship with EMI/Parlophone.

"After Captain, we signed to EMI for four albums, which have come and gone. I'd be lying if I said things have always been easy for us outside of Parlophone and the UK with EMI.

"But it's heartening to know that constantly touring our songs over those years generated pretty much all the fans of our music that we now have, which is a lot more satisfying to look back on.

"It always goes back to my favourite phrase - success is defined purely by the individual. Everyone has their own version of success."