The Frozen star separated from Taye in December, 2013, and as they began the process to formally end their 10-year marriage, Idina reveals she decided to give former actor Aaron a call after wondering what had become of him.

"We met a long time ago, and then I was getting divorced and I had a couple drinks one night," she recalled on U.S. cooking show The Chew. "I decided, 'Where was that guy? Let me give him a call!'."

The pals reconnected and began dating, and Aaron proposed in September (16).

"Everything's good," smiled Idina, who finalised her divorce from Taye, the father of her seven-year-old son Walker, in December, 2014.

The 45-year-old admits she has yet to start gathering ideas for their big day, but she knows she doesn't want it to be a lavish affair.

"I have no wedding plans," she said. "Everybody keeps asking me but I don't know what I wanna do. You know, it's your second time, you don't wanna make a big deal about it."

Idina goes on to reveal her friends have really taken a liking to Aaron, although they have started to abuse his new skills as a therapist to help them work out their own issues.

"Everybody that meets him just divulges their entire life to him," she explained. "Like, when I was at (Broadway show) If/Then... I'd be onstage all the time, because I had a big role... When he'd come and visit me and stay in the dressing room, my friends would come in and out, and I'd see him after like, 'Hi Aaron, do you wanna take a nap?' 'cause he was studying, getting his masters. He was like, 'I worked the whole time! This one came in and told me about their break up; this one came in and told me about their kids...!' "

She joked, "People come over, have a glass of wine and then we just learn about their lives!"