Idina Menzel lost her virginity in her parents' bed.

The 45-year-old actress and singer has revealed the first time she had sex was with a boy she was ''with for many years'', but they chose to do so in her parent's bed when they had gone away for the weekend.

Appearing on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' alongside 32-year-old actress Gina Rodriguez, the 'Frozen' star said: ''Am I going to hell because I lost my my virginity with the guy I went to Prom with and was with for many years, but I did it in my parent's bed when they went away for the weekend.

''I wasn't really a s**t, but I shouldn't have done it in my parents' bed.''

The admission comes after Gina - who stars in American sitcom 'Jane The Virgin' - spoke about how fans of the show will tell her about their sex lives.

Asked by host James Corden, 38, if fans tell her about how they lost their virginity, Gina said: ''It's incredible how often I get like 'Gina, can I have a hug?' and I'm like 'Yeah sure, totally', 'So I just lost my virginity' and I'm like 'Whoa, like right before we hugged? Like when... did you wash your hands?'

''But it is really interesting how much confidence they [have]. We'll maybe sit down on like a curb on Abbot Kinney and I'm like 'Do you wanna do this here?' and they share it all with me.''

And Gina also praised 'Jane The Virgin' - which recently saw the titular character lose her virginity - for telling the ''truth'' about sex.

She said: ''We got such a great reception because we told the truth. Losing your virginity is not fun. It's not cool, it's not awesome, there's no butterflies, doves don't come out of nowhere, which I was definitely waiting for.''