Hotly anticipated Idi Amin biopic THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND has premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this week (begs10SEP06) - stunning audiences with its "seductive" portrayal of the murderous Ugandan dictator. The movie tells the story of the former leader's nine-year tyrannous reign during the 1970s, but Forest Whitaker, who plays Amin, insists there was much more to the leader than just killing. Whitaker, who has been tipped for an Academy Award for his portrayal, says, "You go into the recesses of yourself and try to go into the dark corners of your body and your mind ... to allow the soul of a man to be able to come alive. "I came away with a different understanding of him. All I had before was this image of a dictator who was killing all these people, and it's true - all these people did die during his reign. "But afterward, after doing all the research, I started to see something of the other things." Director Kevin Macdonald adds, "There was quite a seductive element to (Amin) that made him more dangerous and more terrifying in the end, and more of a threat. "Amin made Ugandans feel proud to be African, and proud to be Ugandan. He was someone who tried to get rid of the colonial inferiority complex."