Former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin's son has hit out at the "degrading" portrayal of his "second mother" in Oscar-nominated movie THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. JAFFAR AMIN, 40, has faulted the representation of KAY AMIN, the dictator's fourth wife, who helped look after him as a child. In the movie she is killed for having an affair with James McAvoy's character, DR GARRIGAN, and her body is mutilated in the morgue. Garrigan served as Amin's personal physician and was also acquainted with Jaffar. Jaffar says, "The most painful part for me is degrading the character of one of our blessed mothers. She had a tragic death and they turned her into what she wasn't, she was a decent lady. She wouldn't have an extramarital affair the way it's claimed." However, Jaffar did lavish praise on Forest Whitaker's acclaimed performance as his father in the film, conceding he was very convincing. He says, "A lot of the mannerisms were right. But the problem was the walk - Forest didn't get that. My father strides and his hands would go like a paddle because of his wide shoulders. Whitaker is knock-kneed - my father was bowlegged."