A terrified husband has given up all hope of getting his estranged wife back - because tough-guy rapper Ice-T has reportedly threatened to kill him if he tries.

Arizona businessman EDDIE WILLIAMS is still married to Ice-T's busty fiancee Coco Austin, but has been told in threatening phone calls not to interfere with the rap star-turned-actor's impending nuptials.

Williams has taped some of the phone conversations he has had with Ice-T - just in case.

The businessman alleges the rapper threatens to kill him on tape, adding a sinister, "I don't play."

Williams says, "I have to take the threats seriously. You make sure your 10-year-old daughter gets safely to school and take other precautionary measures - whatever is necessary to protect your family.

"I hope Ice-T does right by Coco, but I'm not convinced he will."