Rapper Ice-T had just one reason for taking up acting - he wanted extra cash to buy a range of sports cars.

Ice-T, who now stars in TV show LAW + ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT, admits he refused to turn down any movie roles offered to him early on in his acting career - even playing a character who was half man, half kangaroo in the 1995 film Tank Girl - just so he could feed his passion for speedy motors.

He says, "To me acting is just fun. I mean, it's just entertainment. I'm a rapper, I'm a musician and I got all these offers to do film, and I would do pretty much anything if I could buy a sports car.

"They would say, 'Would you be in this new movie?' And I'm like, 'How much is the new PORSCHE? Well you can either pay me or pull the Porsche up on the lot and I'll do the movie.'

"Anything outside of kissing a man or wearing a dress, yeah I'd do it. I mean, come on, I did Tank Girl. You ever see Tank Girl? I got $1 million for (it). Anybody out there wouldn't dress up like that for a million bucks right now?

"I come from a background with no opportunities so when people give you a chance to do something like that it's like a jinx to turn it down. Somebody offers you that much money, I'm like, 'Are you crazy? Yes, I will be a dog!'"

14/06/2004 13:48