Ice-T has radically changed his views about the police since giving up crime for music and acting - because now he needs them to protect his millions.

The rapper accepts criticism over his hypocrisy towards the law, after he infamously slammed law enforcement officials on his controversial track COP KILLER.

The 1992 song, which was recorded with the star's heavy metal band BODY COUNT, sparked fierce debate across America and was protested by a number of groups.

But Ice-T, real name TRACEY MARROW, has gone on to portray a policeman in the hit US TV series LAW + ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT and accepts that he often needs the lawmen on his side.

He says, "Honestly, I think everybody out there is hypocritical about the police. It's like when you're speeding - you're looking for the police, you don't like the police. When you stop and somebody breaks into your car, you're calling the police.

"So when I was criminal and I was out in the streets and I was trying my luck at hustling, the police were my opponents. Now I'm legitimate and I need them to protect my house. Simple as that."

Ice-T, 47, also played a policeman in the 1991 movie NEW JACK CITY.