Rapper Ice T loves to live in his 'normal' home - because it's far as possible from the gangster world he comes from.

The BODY COUNT founder finds visitors to his home are always surprised that it seems so ordinary.

Ice T says, "People come to my house and interview me and it's like, 'You've got ducks and bird feeders and stuff. This don't look like a gangster's house.' What did you think I wanted?

"Most true criminals would surround themselves with everything opposite their lifestyle. Wearing torn jeans ain't my idea of cool, I used to have to wear them. The true success story of crime is being able to get into that suit."

The BORN 2WICE hitmaker says he has never wanted to live a conformist lifestyle, even before he made his money - and now he is trying to help his old pals do the same.

He continues, "Even when I was active in crime I never lived in the ghetto. I would always steal enough to stay in a nice hotel, or steal somebody else's credit card to live. I always wanted to escape the killing fields.

"So I finally did and now my objective is to get my homeboys out. I got my old crime buddies working as road managers and stuff like that, just trying to keep them alive."

08/08/2003 19:03